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A curated list of awesome things related to Django. Maintained by William Vincent and Jeff Triplett.

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Third-Party Packages

For a complete listing of all available packages, see Django Packages


  • django-grappelli - A jazzy skin for the admin.
  • django-jazzmin - Drop-in theme for django admin, that utilises AdminLTE 3 & Bootstrap 4 to make yo’ admin look jazzy.
  • django-hijack - Admins can log in and work on behalf of other users without having to know their credentials.
  • django-import-export - Django application and library for importing and exporting data with admin integration.
  • django-admin-honeypot - Configure a honeypot to see who’s trying to hack your site.
  • django-loginas - “Log in as user” for the Django admin.
  • impostor - Impostor is a Django application which allows staff members to login as a different user by using their own username and password.
  • django-impersonate - Allow superusers to “impersonate” other non-superuser accounts.
  • django-admin-env-notice - Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin, for example: development, staging, production.
  • django-admin-interface - Customize Admin by the admin itself(color, header. title,logo) and popup windows replaced by modals.
  • django-material-admin - Material design for django administration.
  • django-related-admin - A helper library that allows you to write list_displays accross foreign key relationships.
  • django-semantic-admin - Django Semantic UI admin theme.
  • django-jet-reboot - Django Jet is modern template for Django admin interface with improved functionality.
  • django-baton - A cool, modern and responsive django admin application based on bootstrap 5.
  • django-admin-sortable2 - Generic drag-and-drop ordering for objects in the Django admin interface.
  • django-unfold - Modern Django admin theme for seamless interface development




  • django-cachalot - Caches your Django ORM queries and automatically invalidates them.
  • django-cacheops - A slick ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation.



  • confidential - Manage configs and secrets (with CLI support).
  • django-environ - Environment variables.
  • django-split-settings - Organize multiple settings files.
  • django-constance - A Django app for storing dynamic settings in pluggable backends (Redis and Django model backend built in) with an integration with the Django admin app.
  • django-configurations - eases Django project configuration by relying on the composability of Python classes and following principles of the twelve-factor app.
  • dynaconf - Dynaconf loads django settings from multiple sources (multiple file formats, env vars, redis, vault, etcd), manages secrets, and allows for different merging strategies all following the twelve-factor app.
  • django-extra-settings - Config and manage typed extra settings using just the django admin.
  • environs - Simplified environment variable parsing that comes with a Django helper that installs additional packages.
  • django-classy-settings - Class based settings to keep your environments in order, with easy access to typed environment variables.
  • django-content-settings - easily create and manage editable typed variables directly from the Django admin panel.

Content Management Systems

Database Connectors

  • djongo - Django and MongoDB database connector.


  • saleor - GraphQL-based Django E-Commerce Platform.
  • django-shop - Django-based shop system.
  • shuup - Django E-Commerce Platform.
  • django-oscar - Domain-driven e-commerce for Django.



  • django-cleanup - Zero configuration file/image removal for local and remote files.
  • django-imagekit - Django app for processing images for thumbnail, black-and-white and sizes.
  • django-pictures - Responsive cross-browser image library using modern codes like AVIF & WebP.
  • sorl-thumbnail - Thumbnails for Django.


Full-stack frameworks

  • ReactPy - It’s React, but in Python. Insert dynamically rendered Python into Django templates using the ReactPy-Django module.
  • Reactor - Phoenix LiveView, but for Django.
  • Sockpuppet - Build reactive applications with the Django tooling you already know and love.
  • Unicorn - A reactive component framework that progressively enhances a normal Django view, makes AJAX calls in the background, and dynamically updates the DOM.
  • iommi - Toolkit for development of CRUD applications without writing HTML or JavaScript.


  • django-data-browser - Interactive, user-friendly database explorer.
  • django-filter - Powerful filters based on Django QuerySets.
  • django-sql-explorer - Share data via SQL queries.
  • django-tables2 - HTML tables with pagination/sorting.
  • django-maintenance-mode - Shows a 503 error page when maintenance-mode is on.
  • django-freeze - Convert your dynamic django site to a static one with one line of code.
  • django-nh3 - Django integration with for nh3 and is an alternative for django-bleach.
  • Weblate - Weblate is a copylefted libre software web-based continuous localization system, used by over 2500 libre projects and companies in more than 165 countries.

Internationalisation (i18n)

  • django-localflavor - A collection of functionality that is useful for particular countries or cultures. Previously a part of the Django core.
  • django-modeltrans - Translate Django model fields in a JSONField.
  • django-modeltranslations - Translates Django models using a registration approach.
  • django-rosetta - Rosetta provides a UI to read and write your project’s gettext catalogs within the Django Admin.


  • django-guid - Inject a GUID (Correlation-ID) into every log message in a Django request.
  • DRF-API-Logger - An API Logger for your Django Rest Framework project.


  • django-prometheus - Export Django monitoring metrics to Prometheus.
  • django-mixin - Monitoring mixin for Django-prometheus. A set of Grafana dashboards and Prometheus rules for Django.


Model Fields



  • django-perf-rec - Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.
  • New Relic - Time middleware, views, and SQL queries.
  • Scout - Time middleware, template rendering, and SQL queries with automatic N+1 detection.
  • django-query-profiler - Django query profiler to help resolve N+1 queries.
  • django-silk - Live profiling and inspection of HTTP requests and database queries.
  • py-spy - Sampling profiler for Python programs.
  • pyinstrument - Call stack profiler for Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI.


Search Engine Optimisation


Static Assets

Task Queues

  • beatserver - A periodic task scheduler for Django.
  • django-q2 - A multiprocessing distributed task queue for Django.
  • django-rq - Integration for Redis Queue.
  • django-redis - Full-featured Redis cache backend for Django.
  • celery - Robust and broker-agnostic task queues for bigger, performance-focused projects.
  • flower - Flower is a web-based tool for monitoring and administrating Celery clusters.
  • django-celery-beat - A periodic task scheduler with database configured by Django’s Admin Panel.
  • celery-exporter - Prometheus & Grafana monitoring of Celery tasks.
  • django-dramatiq - Task processing library with a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance.
  • django-celery-results - Celery result backend with Django.


  • curlylint - Experimental HTML templates linting for Jinja, Nunjucks, Django templates, Twig, Liquid.
  • django-components - A way to create simple reusable template components in Django.
  • django-template-partials - Reusable named inline partials for the Django Template Language.
  • djhtml - Django/Jinja template indenter.
  • djlint - Lint & Format HTML Templates.
  • slippers - Build reusable components in Django without writing a single line of Python.
  • JinjaX - Super components powers for your Jinja templates.



  • dj-database-url - Database URLs.
  • urlman - A nicer way to do URLs for Django models.
  • django-robots - This is a basic Django application to manage robots.txt files following the robots exclusion protocol, complementing the Django Sitemap contrib app.
  • django-redirects - Redirects as they should be, with full control.


  • django-allauth - Improved user registration including social auth.
  • django-allauth-ui - Better looking templates for django-allauth.
  • django-improved-user - A custom Django user that authenticates via email. Follows identity and authentication best practices.
  • django-organizations - Multi-user accounts for Django projects.
  • django-cas-ng - Django-cas-ng is Django CAS (Central Authentication Service) 1.0/2.0/3.0 client library to support SSO (Single Sign On) and Single Logout (SLO).
  • django-guest-user - Allow visitors to use your site like a regular user and register later.


Python Packages

A short list of Python packages that work well with Django.


Official Resources



  • Django Forum - Official Discourse board.
  • Community Page - Featuring feeds of Community Blog Posts, Jobs, and more.
  • Django Users Google Group - Very active discussion board for questions/answers.
  • Developers Google Group - For contributions to Django itself only.
  • Mastodon - For official announcements on updates, security fixes, etc.
  • Twitter - For official announcements on updates, security fixes, etc.
  • Discord Server - Django Discord Community.
  • IRC Channel - Chat with other Django users at irc://
  • Djangonaut Space - Free peer-mentoring program for the Django community to launch people into the universe of open source contributions.


Job Boards

  • Django News Jobs - A Django job board that also aggregates other job boards.
  • Django Gigs - This platform caters specifically to freelance and full-time Django developers.
  • Django Jobs - Django jobs posting for hiring Django Python developers.
  • Job Boards - While not exclusively for Django, this job board is hosted by the official Python website and features a range of Python and Django-related job opportunities.


  • Django News - Weekly newsletter on announcements, articles, projects, and talks.


  • Django Chat - A weekly podcast from William Vincent and Django Fellow Carlton Gibson with discussions of core Django concepts and regular guests.
  • Django Riffs - A new podcast from Matt Layman.
  • Running in Production - Focused on tech stacks with many episodes specifically on Django.
  • TalkPython - The leading Python podcast with several episodes on Django.
  • Podcast Init - A popular Python podcast that features Django guests on occasion.


Django 5

Django 4

Django 3


PaaS (Platforms-as-a-Service)

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)



  • cookiecutter-django - A full-bodied starter project, highly customizable.
  • django-base-site - A Django site with many common third-party packages pre-installed.
  • djangox - Batteries included starter project for Pip, Pipenv, or Docker.
  • DRFx - A DRF starter with user auth, Pipenv, and other goodies.
  • django-project-template - A deliberately basic project that has multiple staging environments and Heroku deployment config.
  • django-docker-template - Dockerized Django with Postgres, Gunicorn, and Traefik (with auto renew Let’s Encrypt).
  • django-startproject - Django start project template with batteries.
  • wemake-django-template - Bleeding edge Django template focused on code quality and security.
  • django-webpack-starter - Django Webpack starter template for using Webpack 4.
  • sos-django-template - Django starter template with separate dev and production settings.
  • django-docker-heroku-template - A template with Docker, GitHub Actions, and Heroku set up for dev/test/prod, plus various other best practices.
  • cookiecutter-vue-django - Django + Vue starter project fusing Vue SFCs & Django Templates.
  • launchr - Launchr is a specialized Django starter template for SaaS web apps.
  • sidewinder - A Django starter kit that focuses on good defaults, developer experience, and deployment.
  • Falco - Enhance your Django developer experience: CLI and Guides for the Modern Django Developer.

Open Source Projects

Django REST Framework

The most popular way to build web APIs with Django.

DRF Resources

DRF Tutorials


Wagtail, the powerful CMS for modern websites.

Wagtail Resources